About Us

Kiosite delivers an innovative suite of services to match talented individuals to meaningful career and public service opportunities on a more transparent, more accurate, and more efficient basis. As a result, our work improves the lives of individual job seekers, the productivity of business, and the efficiency of both universities and government.

Rooted in more than 50 years of research and development, the company is headquartered in St. Louis with research and development, and affiliate offices in Princeton and Tel Aviv.

Backed by an impressive set of investors and strategic partners, our senior management and advisors bring significant experience to the company across a wide variety of disciplines, including product development, entrepreneurial leadership, talent acquisition, government relations, and academic research.

Senior Management

Harold Weinstein Chairman of the Board

For the 13 years prior to his retirement from the firm, Harold led Princeton-based Caliper as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Thought Leader, where he helped design and implement the company’s growth strategy as it grew six-fold to $30 million in sales. Co-author of the best selling "How To Hire & Develop Your Next Top Performer”, Dr. Weinstein has spoken around the world on topics ranging from hiring the right person to developing a winning team to identifying the qualities that distinguish leaders, and is a recognized authority on the relationship between potential and performance, competency measurement, and talent management systems. Harold has been quoted frequently by a variety of publications, including Fortune Magazine, Business Week, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Dr. Weinstein holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

Michael Novack Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As the company’s founder, Michael is responsible for the initial concepts behind the company's products and services--and he has seen those ideas continue to evolve as the company has grown. Focused on ongoing improvement, Michael plays a regular role in shaping products to ensure that the company remains true to its mission and adds value to job-seekers and employers on an ongoing basis. Dubbed a “Wiz Kid” by the St. Louis Business Journal and named a “30 Under 30,” Novack has extensive entrepreneurial leadership experience and regularly presents on a variety of business, hiring and development-related topics. Prior to his work with Kiosite, Michael worked as a technology consultant through a firm he founded, IndeCorp & Company. He serves as an advisor or director at a variety of non-profit and corporate boards in St. Louis, New York, and Israel. Michael attended the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis.

Doris LyonsChief Operating Officer

With more than 35 years of business leadership, Doris has an extensive background in organization and process redesign, leading companies to higher customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and stakeholder profits. Experienced in TQM, Six Sigma and Lean disciplines, Doris personally trained under the leadership of Dr. Deming. Most recently the Chief Operating Officer at Maritz Loyalty Marketing, Lyons was instrumental in re-engineering the organization, regaining customer trust and supporting new product development—growing the business every year while reducing employee turnover. Prior to Maritz, she led the growth of Business Response from $350,000 to $30,000,000. A recognized authority in performance improvement, customer care, and employee engagement, Lyons regularly addresses audiences on these topics.

Lina Dreyfus WallaceDirector, Client Success

With a background in talent management, Lina leads the company’s efforts to ensure that clients get the most possible value out of their use of our platform and services--managing significant data and key relationships. Lina has worked with a variety of companies and non-profit organizations to improve their talent management functions and leverage human capital through improved measurement and execution. Lina has designed curriculum, managed client relationships, and overseen a variety of functions, including talent acquisition, individual development, and succession strategy. Lina holds a PHR (professional in human resources) Certificate and a Bachelor of Science, with distinction, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is actively involved in the community--recently raising funds for the American Cancer Society with the St. Louis Half-Marathon.

Michael MusgraveDirector, Talify Adoption

Having begun with roles in product and feature design, Michael has recently moved into his current leadership position, managing Talify user acquisition and engagement. In this role, he is responsible for communications and outreach to job-seekers--making sure that they know how we can widen the opportunities available to them. And once onboard, that we do everything we can to add value and deliver the best possible user experience. In addition, Michael manages a team of brand ambassadors who are charged with increasing awareness nationally. Prior to this role, Michael was a product manager at the company, where he oversaw feature and release management. Michael is a summa cum laude graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Economics. His hobbies include guitar and piano, cooking, travelling, and attempting to play basketball.

Michael PlezbertDirector, Systems and Engineering

Michael is responsible for our data structure and the ongoing high availability of our services. With that, he brings us a highly experienced set of technical skills toward helping to design, shape, and manage our product and systems architecture. Prior to working with Kiosite, Michael was a doctoral candidate at Washington University, conducting research focused on topics including continuous compilation and pattern specification and recognition. In addition to his development and engineering work, Plezbert is a frequent instructor at Washington University. He has taught extensively in courses ranging from introductory material to advanced processing systems and structure, compilers, and object oriented development. He holds degrees in engineering and computer science from Washington University in St. Louis.

David CassatDirector, Business Development

Leading the company's sales and channel development, David brings 12 years of business development experience to his role. Most recently, David served as a leader within ADP Major Accounts, where he was charged with developing a significant set of new business across a variety of human resource and talent platforms. While focused on new business acquisition, David prides himself on developing long-term relationships and ensuring that we deliver ongoing return on investment to each client opportunity. David is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Journalism. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, exercising, playing golf and following the Tigers, Cardinals and Rams. He is also an active volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri and the Forest Park Rotary Club.

Jeff WintersTalify Business Development

Leading employer-specific Talify opportunities, Jeff is focused on working with potential clients to understand their organizations and how Talify can add value by broadening their reach and allowing them to identify top performers. Relentlessly working to grow the business, Jeff does so with a client-centered approach. In addition, Jeff also works closely with existing clients—in conjunction with our client success organization—to ensure that they are getting ongoing value out of our tools, service, and relationship. Prior to joining the company, Jeff was the Vice President of Sales at Life Systems, a medical-device company, where he was responsible for remarkable growth throughout the markets he led. Jeff holds a degree in public administration from the Miami University in Ohio. He enjoys reading, golf, traveling, and being inside (while catching up on bad reality TV).

Scientific Leadership

Peter Arcidiacono

Peter Arcidiacono is a professor of Economics at Duke University, where he focuses on labor economics and applied econometrics, among other areas. A graduate of Willamette University, Arcidiacono received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. In addition to shouldering his responsibilities at Duke, Arcidiacono brings his expertise to the National Bureau of Economic Research as a Research Associate. He has published in the International Economic Review, the Journal of Econometrics, and the Journal of Public Economies, among others, and serves as an Editor on the Journal of Labor Economies.

Gidon Naftali

Gideon Naftali, a senior specialist in applied psychology, led the foundation of the Department of Behavioral Sciences within the office of the Israeli Prime Minister.  A student of Daniel Kaneman, a pioneer in behavioral economics and a Nobel Prize will, Naftali has extensive experience in the development of assessment systems and in the recruitment of staff for sensitive positions.  Naftali is also an authority on organizational development and applied scientific research, and has published in numerous scientific journals.  He serves as a consultant to a variety of firms, assessing candidates and business systems with a particular emphasis on security.  A member of the “Society of Personality Assessment,” Naftali holds a master’s degree and resides outside of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Juan Pantano

Juan Pantano is an assistant professor of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis, where he focuses on and researches in the fields of labor economics, development economics and empirical industrial organization, among others. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from UCLA and is a graduate of Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His teaching centers around the Economics of Law, and Structural Microeconomics. Professor Pantano has presented at a wide range of organizations, including, recently, at the University of Pennsylvania and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Advisors and Directors

David Elfasi

David Elfasi founded Etgar Human Resources Ltd. in 1987 and has served as the CEO and President of the company since then. He is a social entrepreneur with a deep involvement in community life, education and welfare. David was raised and educated in the suburbs of Haifa, Israel and received a B.A. in Economics from Ben Gurion University. He is a passionate musician and folk dancing choreographer. David currently resides in Israel with his wife and four children.

Doron Ephrati

Doron provides significant experience in strategy, marketing, and management throughout a variety of industries at varying stages of corporate growth. Ephrati co-founded and manages Head-On Business and Marketing Navigation, one of the most significant Israeli-based strategic planning, business, and marketing consulting firms. Head-On provides its clients with joint strategic planning and customized teams that accompany clients at every level of implementation. Additionally, Doron is the director of strategic business development at Etgar, and has played a key role in structuring and executing against the relationship between our companies.

Herb Greenberg

As the Founder, President and CEO of Caliper, Dr. Greenberg is often credited with spearheading the idea that winners in this world are those individuals fortunate enough to be in situations that play to their specific strengths. This belief that underlying personality and drive frequently matter even more than past experience was detailed in Greenberg's now-famous 1964 Harvard Business Review article. Under Herb's leadership, Caliper has touched over 25,000 companies worldwide—helping them to hire more effectively and improve the productivity of their entire teams. Greenberg received his Master's in Psychology from City College of New York and earned a Ph.D with highest honors from New York University.

Michael Lowenbaum

An accomplished attorney, Michael Lowenbaum is recognized as a leading collective bargaining negotiator who handles between 20 and 30 separate sets of contract negotiations each year. He also devotes a considerable amount of time representing employers before the National Labor Relations Board and maintains an active nationwide employment discrimination litigation defense, employer training and litigation avoidance counseling practice at his partnership in Clayton, Missouri. Lowenbaum’s labor experience works to ensure that the company’s services are at the forefront of relevant law. Lowenbaum received his B.S. from Tulane University and holds a J.D. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Jack Oliver

Jack Oliver founded Bryan Cave Strategies LLC, a lobbying and strategic services firm, in 2005 and is currently Senior Policy Advisor at Bryan Cave LLP in St. Louis, Missouri. Jack also serves as a director of eHealth, Inc. and senior advisor for Barclays PLC. Called “Bush’s Brigadier of Bucks” by Time Magazine in 2003 and ranked one of “40 under 40” by the St. Louis Business Journal, Oliver has raised and managed millions for political candidates and social action awareness. He has been actively involved in several political campaigns, including those for Senator Jack Danforth, Senator Kit Bond, Senator John Ashcroft, and Congressman Jim Talent. Oliver holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and a J.D. from the University of Missouri.

Philip Pfeffer

Phil brings a set of remarkably deep business experience to Kiosite. After serving as Chairman and CEO of Ingram Distribution Group where he grew revenue from $36 million to $12 billion, Phil served as President of Random House and went on to become CEO of Borders Group. He currently serves as President of Treemont Capital, an independent investment firm, and chairs or sits on the board of directors of several public and private companies including, Mailnet Services, Essex Technology Group and Pure Safety. A St. Louis native, Mr. Pfeffer resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ted Price

Ted has been a leader in the United States intelligence community—serving as the Director of Personnel, Director of Counterintelligence, and Deputy Director for Operations of the Central Intelligence Agency. Following his service, Ted joined Lehman Brothers in December 2001 as head of Global Security, and later served as Chairman of Lehman Brothers India. Before joining Lehman, Price was Senior Managing Director, Head of Crisis Management Group for The Kroll-O'Gara Company. He is currently a special advisor to Pegasus Capital and T&M Protection, holds a degree from Yale University, and served in the United States Marine Corps.

Dan Reiss

Dan Reiss is General Counsel for Caliper, a world-wide human resource consulting and personality assessment company that is a leader in the industry. At Caliper he focuses on strategic relationships as well as corporate and compliance matters. Dan has over 30 years experience as a senior executive and legal officer for companies involved in the areas of: new technology, information technology, international business, cosmeceuticals, real estate, and banking and finance. He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for a number of companies. Dan received a B.A. degree with distinction in Psychology from Rutgers College, where he was also a Henry Rutgers Scholar, and received a J.D. Degree from Rutgers Law School where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Rutgers Journal of Computers, Technology and the Law.

Ron Rubin

Mr. Rubin serves as Chairman and Minister of Tea at The Republic of Tea, a national leader in the specialty foods industry with a major retail presence nationwide. The co-author of six books on the entrepreneurial life, he is widely known for coining the term “zentrepreneur” to describe someone who not only creates a business, but a way of life. A business innovator, Mr. Rubin brings experience and expertise specifically through his entrepreneurship, unique perspective and relationships in the restaurant and retail sectors. Ron maintains a permanent residence in Clayton, Missouri.

Jon Staenberg

Jon has been working with venture backed companies for more than a decade, and has participated in over 100 deals. In this capacity he has started his own company, worked full-time in other companies, and consulted to over 50 startups. After working in marketing at Microsoft for six years, he joined Virtual i-O as vice president of sales and marketing. During the last eight years, he has been engaged in every aspect of the startup lifecycle for a variety of Silicon Valley and Seattle-based startups.