There are so many applicants…

—with every conceivable level of qualification, experience and background.

Your resume pile is high. So are the stakes. And your first step is all-important. Unknowingly rejecting high-potential applicants is like tossing out gold nuggets. Spending too much time on the wrong individuals (let alone hiring them) is equally intolerable. But how can you sort through the multitudes quickly, confidently, cost-effectively—and correctly?

Welcome To Hiring. Revolutionized.



Customized to your specific needs and current process, the candidate experience is seamless, online, and consistent with your employer branding and messaging.



Beyond the resume, our Smart Application highlights personality and job-related strengths–leveraging that insight over time toward ongoing improvement.



Further screening looks at criminal background, references, job-specific skill, and tax-credit eligibility–all while minimizing effort, expense, and paperwork.



We deliver an impressive return on investment by improving productivity and employee engagement, reducing forced turnover, driving hard-dollar savings.

How it Works

Applicants are driven through an intelligent screening tool—combining a custom-designed application with advanced behavioral assessments to determine an applicant’s likelihood of success and reliability. Later in the process, the platform provides a detailed interview guide, developmental tools, measurements of individual integrity, criminal background screening, job-specific skills testing, and tax incentive processing: A detailed suite of services that allow you to identify, hire and develop top performers better, faster and more cost-effectively.

We enable you to start with those most likely to succeed, and to immediately notify those better suited for something else. At the end of the day, you get to your best applicants faster. Before anyone else does. And as a result, you reduce turnover and increase productivity.


Dashboard Metrics

drive smarter screening and selection

Quick Ranking

puts your top performer at the top of the list


Candidate Overview

provides at-a-glace data and communication

Behavioral Strengths

highlight unique job-specific aptitude

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HireTrue provides a sophisticated system to automate and improve employee screening, selection and development.

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