Because finding a job shouldn’t be one.

Talify connects talented undergraduates to career, internship,
and volunteer opportunities in a way never before possible.

The process of identifying, recruiting, screening and selecting talent–particularly at the undergraduate level–is inefficient for many, and inaccessible to others. Individual employers spend millions annually, but miss terrific candidates. Smaller employers and non-profit organizations have great opportunities available, but lack the scale to recruit nationally. Candidates, as a result, are made aware of only a small subset of the opportunities available.

We Can Do Better – Here’s How:


We Connect Students

Students tell us about themselves, what they want to do, and where they want to go.

Rooted in 50 years of research, we assess behaviors and job-specific potential.

We coach students to leverage their unique strengths and put their best foot forward.

And Opportunities

Organizations tell us what they’re looking for, where, and what behaviors they value.

We rank-order candidates to quickly identify those qualified and most likely to succeed.

Managers review individual profile data, and reach out to their next top performers.


identifies those who match specific criteria

Dynamic Ranking

puts top performers at the top of your list

Candidate Preferences

highlight student interests and experience

Behavioral Insight

detail personality and job-specific strengths

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